For many years, Hotmail does not seem to have any innovations. But when Microsoft launches an update to the online mail service (Windows Live Hotmail) sometime this summer, it’ll include some features that are actually innovative, well-thought-out and useful.

As with Bing, it feels like Microsoft hasn’t been satisfied with just copying popular traits from its rivals, but find compelling new ways for people to interact with email. I’ve gotten a chance to play with the new service early and here are a some interesting new features of Hotmail:


  1. New Inbox Views

These automatically generated filters help you find what really interests you in your inbox. The most useful is probably the “From contacts” view, which shows only emails from people in your contact list. This does a pretty good job of isolating only the messages you really need to respond to, especially if you have all the people you work with regularly in your contacts list.

Another filter shows all your updates from social networks like Twitter and Facebook, while a third finds mail like newsletters and email blasts to large groups. And there are views that find all e-mails with photos or office documents attached or that contain shipping updates.

Of course, you can create some of these filters yourself in a service like Gmail, but lots of people won’t go through the hassle. Microsoft has done a good job of recognizing what filters many people would want and building them automatically.

  1. Sweeping Out the Junk


These days, most true spam (such as Viagra ads and porn come-ons)gets caught before it ever gets to your inbox. But you still get semi-spam messages: newsletters that you signed up for, but then found weren’t that useful or coupons from a store you no longer shop with. With a little work, you could figure out how to unsubscribe, but Hotmail’s Sweep feature makes evicting them from your inbox much easier.

You hover over the sender of a message and can choose to delete all messages, from that sender or, automatically move them to a different folder, if you want to keep them, but don’t want them cluttering your inbox.

  1. Active View

Active View, Microsoft’s typically obtuse label, is actually a very cool function. For example,your friend sends you an e-mail about the latest YouTube video showing accidental damage to a man’s nether region. Instead of getting just a link to the video, you see a thumbnail of the pole-vaulting disaster and can play the video in a popup window right in your inbox. Besides the YouTube videos, the system also supports Hulu videos.

Active View also works with pictures. If a friend attaches a few shots from their vacation, you’ll see thumbnails of the pictures in the email. You can scroll through the thumbnails in the same window or click on them and see a slideshow in a pop-up window.

Your friends don’t have to use Hotmail for Active View to work on your end, but your system must have Microsoft’s Silverlight installed.

  1. Edit Attachments in Office Online

When someone sends you a document in Word, Excel or Powerpoint, Hotmail will give you the option of opening it in the Office online apps. You can choose to edit the document online, in which case Hotmail will automatically upload it to Skydrive, the Microsoft cloud storage site. Then you can respond with a link to the online document containing your changes.

  1. Bing Integration

Not surprisingly, Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, is heavily integrated with Hotmail. What is surprising, is the seamless way the two can interact. When you’re writing a message in Hotmail, you can choose to insert information from Bing – images, videos, movie times and information, map data and webpage info. A side panel pops up that lets you search Bing for what you’re looking for. Find it and you can simply click Insert below the item. Hotmail will place the image, map or other data directly into your message, along with a link that lets you go to the search result in Bing.

I don’t know if the sum of all these improvements will be enough to move me out of Gmail, but they’re clearly the product of some innovative thinking that should advance the online e-mail world.

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Technically, if you have applied the HTTPS activation process on the Windows Live Hotmail account, it is likely to encounter some problems not compatible with other desktop programs. And Windows Live Hotmail is one such application, but Microsoft has not made any plans to overcome. In the article below, we will give you a temporary solutions, which is connect to a Hotmail account enabled HTTPS mechanisms from Live Mail client application.

First, boot Windows Live, press and hold the Alt key to display the menu bar, here choose Tools> Accounts …:


The next window appears, click the Add button ->Email Accounts -> Next:


Next, enter the email address of Windows Live / Hotmail information and password, tick “Manually configure server settings for e-mail account” box in the bottom of panel and click Next:


=>> Remove Hotmail account from Microsoft


In this step, just make sure that we can send mail, back to “Account settings”itemin the previous step, but this time select the account just set up and click “Properties”. The next window appears, select the Servers tab, check the box My server requires auth … then click Settings:


Outgoing Mail Server window displays, select“Log on using”, here enter your email address and password, check the box Log on using Secure Password Auth … Click OK to finish:


Thus we have completed the setup process. To check whether it works well or not, try sending one email to any your own account and press the Sync button:


Good luck!

Maybe you loved and use your Hotmail account in a long time — but now you’ve moved on to a different email provider. If you want to close Hotmail account, you can do it in just a few easy clicks. If you want to know how to securely close your Hotmail account in just a minute, follow these steps.


To delete Hotmail account from Microsoft:

Step 1: Sign in to your Hotmail account

Step 2: Click hereto start deleting account. Choose “Next”


Step 3: Tick on all the checkboxes -> Select reason you want to delete your Hotmail account -> Click on “Mark account for Closure”.


Note: You have 60 days from deleting Hotmail to retrieve your account.  have already instructed you how to delete Hotmail from Microsoft. Additionally, you can see howto recover Hotmail password and many other articles on our site.





In the process of using email, you have accidently deleted an important email and you don’t know how to take it back. Don’t worry. You can restore deleted emails from “Deleted” folder, much like the recycle bin on a PC. However, once purged from the Deleted folder, these messages are much harder to retrieve. Depending on the email system you use, the Deleted folder may be purged automatically at regular intervals – however all is not necessarily lost.


If you’re using Hotmail you can sometimes recover accidentally deleted messages, even if they no longer appear in your “Deleted” folder.

To do this, look for the “recover deleted messages” option which will appear once you click on the “Deleted” folder.


Clicking on this will bring back as many deleted messages as possible and return them to the “Deleted” folder. From here you can move them to the folder of your choice.

If your important message isn’t retrieved by this method then there’s no more that can be done online.


If you’re using a desktop email application such as Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird you can try data recovery software such as Piriform’sRecuva which is a free data recovery program with specific support for retrieving lost emails. If you’re using Thunderbird, you may also like to try the steps outlined here: How to recover deleted emails.

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Hotmail is known as the first email service in the world which is provided by Microsoft. Similar to Email accounts of Google or Yahoo, Hotmail is provided to users free of charge with easy account creation and high security.

Although Hotmail service was official “notified a death” in about August 2012,the entire accounts on Hotmail are automatically backed up to the system Currently, is the latest email service of Microsoft. Basically, when you sign up for a Hotmail account it also means that you own an email account in Outlook.

When owning a Hotmail account, you can use it to access different Microsoft services. You also need an email address to sign into Facebook or Twitter also. So make a Hotmail account for free to have your own personalized email.

Steps to create a Hotmail account:

Step 1


First, open Web browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome …) andaccess to Hotmail homepage. Here, click on“Sign up now”.

Step 2


The screen will show the specific steps needed to register for an account. You need to fill all required information in the fields such as Name, User name, Createpassword, Country, Date of birth, Gender)

In password section, make a strong password. As Hotmail id is same as other online id it need to be complex for security reasons. At least 8 character is required for Hotmail password. Strong password consist of alphabets, numbers and special characters. In addition, users are recommended not to set easily-predicted password such as 12345678, etc. to avoid losing Hotmail account.

To make your account recovery option please select your mobile number and alternative email address.

Enter captcha code to verify that you are a human in the next field.

Step 3


After completing all the necessary information, click on “Create Account”

Step 4


So the process of creating your Hotmail account has been successful. The screen now displays the personal information you have just registered. You can edit the information by clicking on the specific sections in the menu bar on the left of screen.

Note: Keep in mind the registered informationto recover password in case of losing password. Afterward, you can log in your Hotmail account to use it. Wish you success!



Microsoft’s email service has been experienced two major revisions, the Hotmail account to Windows Live account and then the Outlook account. If you want to change the password to ensure safety after each conversion, you can follow the instruction below.

Step 1: Log in to your Outlook account, formerly Hotmail account by typing your username and password. After successful login, go to your mailbox.

Step 2:


Click on the Settings symbol on the top right corner of the main screen of the mailbox, then select More mail settings.

Step 3


Next, click on the link Account Details appearing in the section Managing Your Account and mailbox will ask you to login again to continue the next operation.

Step 4


You’ll see the Password and Security info section, click on the Change Password link under that section.

Step 5


Change the Hotmail password interface appears, type your current password and 2 times the new password that you want and select Save.


– The password you just changed is used for all Microsoft account. Therefore, when you sign into Windows 8, SkyDrive and Skype, you need to enter the new password.

– If you want to maximize security, you can enable changes password after 72 days by ticking on the box “Make me change my password every 72 days”.


Normally up to 50% of emails in your inbox are newsletters, 17% are updated from social networking, 9% arenotifications and 6% are purchasinginvitation – these numbers are increasing day by day! Only 14% of all received emailis actually related to you.


Mail management application Microsoft Hotmail

It’s estimated that a mailbox received 14,600 emails on average and a lot of them is “graymail“. Graymail are newsletters that you subscribed to receive, but most of them is unwanted emails. That may be the weekly newsletters introducing about cheap tour, updated from social networks, the procurement offerings or report on your child’s learning. The amount of these newsletters is increasing and occuping spaces in the inbox.

These statistics indicate that updating and managing mailbox effectively becomes extremely difficult and time consuming, labor productivity reduced. However, Hotmail has introduced a series of new tools to help you do this. Mr. Trinh Khac Toan, head of the Windows operating system, Microsoft Vietnam emphasized: “HotmailSmart Tools allows users to classify graymail effectively and filter them accordingly.

Here are 5 tips for managing your inbox effectively.

Grouping news


Grouping news of hotmail

Hotmail has just added a new folder named Newsletter. Ms. Le Thu Hang, CMC Director ofdeployment said: “Hotmail will filter emails offering fashion, travel or shopping and move them to this folder correctlywith 95% accuracy. This feature is extremely helpful in classifying mails, helping you to set the order of priority for the emailsrelating to yourself. In fact, when you classify an email as a newsletter, the filter will recognizebetter, for both you and the other Hotmail users”

Just one click to unsubscribe.


Unsubscribe easily

Hotmail helps you stop receiving the newsletters with a single step. Click on the “Unsubscribe” button and Hotmail will help you complete the rest – automatically notify sites know to stop sending mails to you.Use Sweep to immediately clean up your mailbox and remove all the old messages sent from the same source, and finally pass any new messages from that source to the spam box until the sender takes you off their list.

Organize your inbox with Schedule Cleanup

You want to receive the newsletter, but only want to keep the latest copy. Because offering newsletter is really useful in the first week and replaced by a new newsletter after certain time. Schedule Cleanup is a newuniquetool of Hotmail, runs in the background mode to keep your inbox organized. With Schedule Cleanup, you can:

  • Just keep the latest emails sent from one source
  • Remove expired messages (3 days, 10 days, 30 days or 60 days)
  • Move messages to a folder when they exceed the limit time.

In this way whether you read or not, inbox will neverbe clogged, accordingly your emails fromfinancial organizations is automatically stored in a folder after 30 days.

Setting priorities for important email

How to keep an important email at the top position and not forgotten? Someone marked unread message status, someone resend messages to themselves to keep it always at the top position. But when new email arrives, they can still cause confusion. Hotmail has provided users experience as Outlook, tracking important messages by flags. Marking message with flag, it will at the top of the inbox immediately. Moreover, you can even set up rules to automatically flag incoming mail from certain senders. Thus, all the important messages always identified and arranged at the highest position of the inbox.

Classify email by the options


Although automatic classifying mailfeature was almost enough to meet the needs of many users, Hotmail hasaddedoptional classification which is easy to use, help users control the inbox more efficiently. We can quickly create a new folder and move related emails to that folder without looking for mail. At the same time, e-mail can be classified quickly and displayed next to the files along QuickViews, so you can easily find the mail you want.


In June 2010, Microsoft has officially upgraded Hotmail services by adding some new features similar the features of Gmail.

The most prominent features such as the interactive menu bar, Office Web Apps service integration, attachment storage up to 10 GB, ability to create and send photo album in your inbox … will be activated and allows users to use.

Here are some newawesome features of Hotmail:

– Move spam mail out of your inbox

The Hotmail inbox will be added Microsoft SmartScreen technology used in other Microsoft products such as Outlook, Internet Explorer … to filter spam email thoroughly.

– Clean up mailbox by One-click.

Once completing email actions as deleting email or moving emails into folders, new scanning tool will remind you whether you want to automatically apply that action to all similar to email in the future or not.

  • Send photos without worrying about the size limit

This is the ability to send larger attachments. Hotmail limit storage attachments to 10MB, but the new Hotmail will extend this capability by enabling users to send data up to 10GB in a single message, by uploading documents or pictures to SkyDrive, a free web service that allows online storage to 25GB of Microsoft.

– Smart Filters


Hotmail Quick Views will arrange and create email group by content or sender into one list in your inbox.

– View all email conversations

With new chat interface, you can automatically group all the email sent and received about a specific topic together in one interface.

  • Open, view and edit documents right in inbox.

Now you can view and edit files in Word, Excel and PowerPoint without having to leave Hotmail. If you need to edit an attachment, Hotmail lets you do it right in your inbox without having to worry about download file or install software. You can even run the PowerPoint includes all animations and forwards.

– Share documents online and work together with others

Just like the way to share large photo albums, Hotmail lets you send large documents with other files via a link- up to 200 files, each file up to 50 MB- by storing online to avoid obstructing anyone inbox. And when sending from your Hotmail account, recipients can also use the free Web Apps of Microsoft Office for to view and edit your documents- regardless of any email services they used or any version of Microsoft Office they installed.





After a long time forgotten, Microsoft has officially launched the new version Hotmail, hoping to compete with Gmail.


The new version of Hotmail

Right after new version has launched, Microsoft has won over many users, switching from Gmail to Hotmail.

It can be seen, with the launch of the new Hotmail version, Microsoft is increasing competition with Google in the field of web-mail.

So what led to this change? Let’s explore what’s new in Hotmail.

  1. User-friendly interface


New Hotmail has a clear and convenient interface

The first impression is Hotmail has set very little advertising. It can be said that less than Yahoo! Mail and Gmail. Even Hotmail also allows users to disable ad by clicking on the “Close Ad” button below.

Menu range at the top include Microsoft utilities and services such as Windows Live, Office, Photos … quite handy when users want to access.

The default folders of Hotmail are located on the left, users can create more folders by clicking on “New Folder” button.

Bing’s email search box designed upper right email list. Users can search email for an email by sender name, keyword, date …

  1. Rich Features


SkyDrive allows users to store document up to 25GB

Hotmail allows users to store all types of documents, photos via SkyDrive services up to 25GB (Gmail is 7 GB).

New Hotmail version also allows users to synchronize data from your PC to SkyDrive. This feature is quite useful and convenient, you can access your documents anywhere, anytime, and especially without fear of data loss in case of incident.

Office Web Apps is considered the most prominent service which allows creating and editing text files, slideshows, online excels. Thus, officeusers will find Hotmail convenient than ever.

For people who prefer social networks, Hotmail allows you to connect to their accounts on social networks with your Hotmail account. All update information will be displayed right in Hotmail via the “Social Updates” button.

  1. Speed

In this update, Hotmail has optimized source code to achieve the highest speed. According to our reviews, the load speed of Hotmail evenly matched Gmail even faster sometimes.

Thanks to fast speed, Hotmail has attracted many users from Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.


The competitiveness of the services on the internet is increasing. Sometimes only a few changes making its services rise ahead of competitors. This change of Microsoft has proved it.


Microsoft has just announced 7 new features of webmail services based on the largest web in the world – Hotmail. These new features will provide conveniences and improve important fields, particularly as spam filtering, increased expression, storage and mobile platformcompatibility … All of which are designed specifically to meet the power growing demand for users.

Here are 7 new features of Hotmail you should know:

  1. Schedule Cleanup 

This feature allows you to erase all messages sent from an email address in certain times. It is quite useful if you often been bothered by advertising messages or automaticallynewsletters from social networks.


To delete the messages sent from an email address, you mark any message of that person, select Sweep> Schedule cleanup. In Schedule cleanup dialog box, tick one of the three options “cleanup”: Only keep những messages from this sender/ Delete all messages older than xX days/ Move all messages older than xx days yy to. Then click OK to delete or move messages.


Some ways to use Scheduled Cleanup:

– Only keep the latest events calendar email from your favorite websites;

– Only keep the latest offerings from Groupon or any other general purchase provider;

– Clear your newsletters after 10 days, in that way, whether you read them or not, we never clog your inbox;

– Automatically archive your emails fromfinancial organizationsinto a folder after 30 days.

  1. Stop receiving advertisements with One-click Unsubscribe

If you have already subscribed to receive newsletter on a Website and feel trouble by getting too many unnecessary messages, One-click Unsubscribe feature helps you get rid of this situation


Click on advertising mail then click Sweep -> Unsubscribe. After clickingUnsubscribe, you will not receive promotional emails from this website anymore.

  1. Hotmail highlights –flag important email

This new feature will help keep priority messages on the top of Inbox. Users will no longer have the status marked “unread” or send an email to themselves to keep them at priority position.


To mark the flag, you drag the message and then click on the white flag symbol, next to the title.

  1. Improving the ability to attach files or photo album

This is the ability to send larger attachments. Hotmail limit storage attachments to 10MB, but the new Hotmail will extend this capability by enabling users to send data up to 10GB in a single message, by uploading documents or pictures to SkyDrive, a free web service that allows online storage to 25GB of Microsoft.


Then recipients will receive a link to SkyDrive and they can view the photos or download them to computer. If it is a link to a document, they can use Microsoft Office free version on the web to open and edit them.

  1. Act Quickly

The buttons will appear when users moves the cursor through email and help them delete, mark flag, scan email … with just one click.


Current users can optimize the interface for the mailbox by deleting or adding buttons on the taskbar, for the most frequently used functions.

  1. Manage convenient directory

Besides aforementioned features, Hotmail also has advancedmanagementdirectory tools, allowing users drag and drop, create new folders quickly without accessing to menu, markall in the folder as read, or renamed, cleaned, or even delete the folder.


  1. Hotmail app for Android

Besides adding new features, Microsoft also pushed Hotmail up to Android Market application store. Hotmail app for Android helps users sync calendarand contact as well as foldersin the Inbox.


Users can send email with attached images or receive emails with attachments. Importantly, it is the ability to support management of multiple Hotmail accounts.