Hotmail Sign In

If you have a Hotmail sign in then you are well aware that Microsoft has shut down Hotmail.  If you’ve tried to sign into Hotmail recently you have been redirected to the Outlook web app.

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Once on this screen you simply need to enter your Hotmail sign in details and your emails and conversations will be migrated into the Outlook web app.  It is very simple!  You can now enjoy all of the robust features that Microsoft offers in their desktop-based Outlook program and integrate completely with other Microsoft products like Office, Excel and Word.

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Hotmail Sign In

For those who do not have an Outlook account, it is very easy to set one up and you can get instructions here.  For those that do not have a Hotmail sign in, you would simply follow the same instructions and set up your Microsoft Live account.

Outlook Web App

The Outlook web app is finally here! Microsoft has shut down Hotmail for good so now when you visit you are directed to the Outlook web app at             Simply log in with your Hotmail details and your emails will be migrated to the Outlook sign in page. … Continue reading

Convert Hotmail to Outlook

To convert Hotmail to Outlook is incredibly simple!  If you type into the address bar you will now be taken to the Outlook sign in screen.             You don’t even have to convert Hotmail to Outlook.  Simply enter your Hotmail username and password and all of you information will … Continue reading

Log Into Hotmail

It is no longer possible to log into Hotmail.  When you type into your address bar you are taken to the login screen for Microsoft Live.             From here you will enter your Microsoft Live username and password to log into Hotmail (which is now Outlook).  If you don’t … Continue reading

Hotmail Inbox

The Hotmail inbox is no longer an option for email users. Microsoft shut down its very popular Hotmail program when it unveiled the web version of Outlook in 2012. If you had a Hotmail inbox you were prompted to set up an Outlook account. Don’t worry – it is very easy to migrate your Hotmail … Continue reading

What Happened to the Hotmail Sign In?

Microsoft finally cut Hotmail loose after years of stagnant growth. The Hotmail sign in was once a prized asset in the online world. However, competition and the growing universe of web tools and social media have rendered it less relevant. So Microsoft has ditched Hotmail sign in in favor of which promises a cleaner, … Continue reading

Free Hotmail Sign In

If you would like a free Hotmail sign in, you must now set up a Live account.  Here’s how: Step 1: Go to             Step 2: If you have credentials, log in to Hotmail/Outlook with your email address and password Step 3: If you do not have a Live … Continue reading

MSN Hotmail Sign In

An MSN Hotmail Sign In used to be quite the status symbol! For years Hotmail was the most popular web-based email program in the world. Before Gmail, it was Hotmail where everyone went for their free email address. It was very easy to get a Hotmail sign in and it also served as a somewhat … Continue reading